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Capoeira is a unique martial art form, encompassing many realms in the arts (music, martial art, dance, singing) as well as Brazilian culture (language, history). Although, it is not recommended to learn capoeira strictly from online sources (movements lists, video clips, etc), online resources can be beneficial as a compliment to your regular capoeira workout routine.

Several excellent training dvds have been put together by great masters of the art. These are great tools for learning movements and sequences, in addition to training with a group. Different groups train movements differently, so when you find a source online, don't assume that every group will train movements in the same way or even ginga the same.

Movements are best learned in the classroom, but definitely use quality video clips to train outside of classes. To help you get started with movements you can check out our youtube capoeira videos. You can use several of our capoeira movie clips of capoeira basics as a great starting point.

Aside from movements there is more to learn such as history, Brazilian Portuguese, and playing instruments. These areas are where online resources become very useful ro learning at your own time.

Use our directory to find links and information for all the essential elements involved in capoeira.

Training to be a well-rounded capoeirista consists of :

  • Excersices and Stretches
  • Conditioning
  • Movements and sequences
  • Learning Brazilian Portuguese
  • Learning songs
  • Playing instruments
  • Learning the History and Philosophy of capoeira
  • Playing in the roda; having a conversation with another capoeirista

Learn more about capoeira through books.

Many books have been written about the history of capoeira. You can even find capoeira books about movements, and training techniques. Some of these books can be previewd on at

Find books here: Capoeira Books

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